Frequently Asked Questions


What should I bring to camp?

Balance of money owed, football cleats (athletic shoes will work), money for extra snacks/food and a bag lunch if you don't like the lunch provided, water bottle, workout clothes, sun block & a great attitude to learn the game of football and have fun.

What days and time is camp?



Is there any hitting or contact at the camp?

This is a non-contact, no hitting football camp for all ages and ability levels.  We stress the skills & fundamentals of the game while concentrating on having fun and building lifelong relationships.

What do I receive for attending?

Each camper will receive 4 days of the best football instruction around, a camp T-shirt, team trophies, individual trophies and awards, camp certificate, NFL Combine Testing, NFL Punt, Pass & Kick contest, and exposure to top local coaches and players.

Are there any discounts?

Yes.  Please see discounts page.

What if I never played football before? Will this be a good camp for me?

This would be an excellent camp for you because it is a fundamentals camp.  We can handle the first year player up to the most experienced and athletic players. 

What is your mailing address?

ekfootballcamp, 326 Banbury Crossing, Gibsonia, PA 15044


How do I contact you?

Simply email us eric@ekfootballcamp.com or call us Camp Director Eric Kasperowicz, 412-818-4051.

What will my child receive?

Four days of quality instruction from some of the best mentors and coaches around; ekfootballcamp t-shirt; special gift items; daily awards for individual effort; a chance to be named the ekfootballcamp MVP; plus much, much more.

How old do you have to be to take part in camp?

Our Youth Camp is open to players from ages 5-14.

How much is camp tuition and what payments do you accept?

$205.  We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards. We also accept cash, check, money orders and cashier’s checks payable to GPYA. There is a $25 service charge for all returned checks.

Is there a registration deadline?


What time do we need to arrive?

We ask you to arrive by 8:45am (15 minutes before camp is scheduled to start) on opening day to allow for registration and check-in. On the remaining days, please arrive at least 10 minutes before camp is scheduled to start. Please arrive 10 minutes before practice is scheduled to end to pick up your child. You and your family are always welcome to watch camp!


What if my child cannot attend all four days?

We will charge you on a pro-rated basis for the number of day(s) attended. Just call us to make arrangements (412-818-4051).

What if my child is just an average athlete or just beginning football?

The camp is not designed for kids to get down on themselves if he or she is not keeping up with the other kids. It is based on positive reinforcement for each participant’s individual effort. The coaches pay close attention to each child and make sure they improve at their own level of ability. If your child is just beginning, the camp is ideal for them. They will learn exactly what a practice is like and what is expected of them on the football field.

Is the camp advanced enough for my child?

We feel it is very important to challenge each child to raise their skill level and focus to a higher level. We make a special effort to ensure every participant gains valuable experience and knowledge from the coaching staff. We make sure the kids are matched up with others of the same talent level.

Will my 8-year-old have to go against older kids?

We organize the practice schedule so kids work with other kids their same age, size, talent and ability.

What is the coach to participant ratio?

The optimum teaching takes place when you have one coach for every 8-10 kids. We always try to maintain those standards at the camp. Our initial staff is set up for 150 kids, but we have coaches lined up as the registration increases. It really helps us with organization if the parents submit registration forms early.

What is the maximum number of kids you allow?

We limit the amount of participants to as few as 75 and as many as 200. EARLY Registration is encouraged!


Can parents stay and watch?

You are more than welcome to watch practices.

Do kids get an autograph if we have a celebrity guest speaker?

The camp is meant to be a working camp. Every child will receive a minimum of one autograph if our celebrity guest speaker will comply. Any additional autograph arrangements will be announced at the camp.

Is there someone available if my child is injured?

Training staff will be on hand for all minor injuries and preventative care. Medical clinics and a hospital are near the practice facilities, and a mobile phone is on-site for emergency situations.

Who actually runs the camp?

The Camp Director is Eric Kasperowicz (412-818-4051).

Who are the coaches?

Our goal when we line up a coaching staff is to present a wide range of expertise that allows a child to relate to different levels of success. The pro athlete(s) really make it fun for the kids, but the celebrity players involved in the camp are only a small part of why our camps are so successful. Our staff features top local high school coaches who have a proven track record of wonderful teaching skills. Also, we have top college players involved in addition to local high school players who really relate to the kids.

Can you explain what you do during camp?

Our camps are non-contact. We stress fundamentals, form and technique, with a focus on quality instruction for each and every kid in a fun atmosphere. We not only hope to teach them skills to make them better athletes, we hope to stimulate their general interest in sports. This will include an emphasis on good work habits, self-discipline, motivation and self-confidence. Our practices are intense, upbeat, and crisp in tempo. We want the kids to be aware that this is not playtime, but a place to further develop their athletic skills. It is our sincere hope that what we present to the kids is taken to heart and applied to their game and their everyday life.


Has the organization been in existence for several years?

25 years! Longest running youth football camp in Pittsburgh!

Does the organization have a written refund and cancellation policy?

Yes. See our cancellation policy on our registration page.