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Welcome to ekfootballcamp

​Camp Director Eric Kasperowicz and the football staff gladly welcomes youth ages 5-14 to the 25th annual Eric Kasperowicz Youth Football Camp ("ekfootballcamp") to be held June 8-11, 2020 at Richland Park. . Eric Kasperowicz and the ekfootballcamp coaching staff will showcase your talents with intense, non-contact skill work.  This camp is designed to benefit players of all skill levels. We teach fundamentals in a safe environment where everyone touches the football.  

Camp Details

  • Skills camp for all participants
  • We teach fundamentals of all offensive and defensive positions
  • All campers participate and touch the football in a safe, non-contact environment
  • NFL Combine testing
  • NFL Punt, Pass, Kick contest
  • Plus, camper favorite, Razzle-Dazzle Football where everyone gets a chance to touch the football

Camper testimonial

"I've attended other football camps and this was definitely the best. My skills improved greatly and the coaches were really fantastic! Razzle-Dazzle was the best, and I can't wait to return next year with my friends." --Tyler, past camper

Offensive / Defensive Position Skills

At ekfootballcamp, your position coaches will teach you proper techniques and form.

Running Backs (RB)  

  • Stance, release, ball handling, faking, cutting, blocking and pass receiving.

Wide Receivers (WR)  

  • Stance, release, route technique, catching, open field running and blocking.

Tight Ends (TE)  

  • Stance, release, run and pass blocking, route technique and catching.

Quarterbacks (QB)  

  • Stance, center exchange, drop-back and play-action passing, 3 and 5-step drops, full and half sprint, bootleg, draw, screen, setup, throwing release, follow through, reading defenses.

Defensive Line (DL)  

  • Stance, keys, reaction, run defense, pass defense and pass rushing techniques.

Offensive Line (OL)  

  • Stance, run blocking techniques, pass protection techniques.

Linebackers (LB)  

  • Stance, keys, reaction, run defense, pass defense, pass drops, rush techniques and coverages.​

Defensive Secondary (DB)   

  • Stance, all phases of coverage, how and when to intercept, deflections, man-to-man coverage techniques along with zone. 

Get The Professional Experience


NFL Combine Testing

ekfootballcamp's NFL-style Combine Testing program replicates some of the most important tests that NFL athletes face. Our goal is to introduce our campers to this style of testing, which is used at the junior varsity (JV) and varsity high school football levels, and teach the proper techniques so they are prepared to master these tests when it really counts.  

  • Broad Jump - designed to show sluggishness, heavy-leggedness and lack of explosiveness  
  • 40-Yard-Dash - shows how explosive a player is off the line and how he maintains it​  
  • 20-Yard-Shuttle - designed to test explosiveness, how a player bends and changes direction, and body control


NFL Punt, Pass & Kick

One trophy/medal will be awarded to the camper in each age group who has the highest combined Punt, Pass & Kick total. Here are the rules:

The objective of Punt, Pass, and Kick is punt, pass and kick the ball as far as he/she can while keeping it in within the boundaries.  Each player will try to get the best overall score: Punting score + Passing score + Kicking score = Overall Score.

Each player will have three (1) chance at each skill.  Individuals must stay behind the Start Line. Any punt, pass, or kick that occurs past the Start Line will be deemed a FAULT. A FAULT receives a zero (0) as its score.

Razzle-Dazzle Football

An ekfootballcamp Exclusive!

ekfootballcamp invented Razzle-Dazzle™ Football and it has been a camper-favorite for years! Here are the rules:

  • Always start at the 20 yard line (1st cone)
  • Each team has 4 plays to score a TD
  • If the ball ever hits the ground, it is a DEAD BALL
  • On an interception, the intercepting team can score on that play….if they don't, then it is their ball on the 20 yard line
  • 7 Mississippi and then you can rush the QB
  • The QB cannot run unless: the opposing team blitz's or 7 Mississippi occurrs and they rush the QB
  • 1-hand touch
  • 1 BLITZ per every 4 downs
  • If it is a tie score when the horn blows, both teams start at the 20 going in and get 1 play each to score.  If a winner is not declared, then it is SUDDEN VICTORY.  A coin is flipped and the winner of the coin toss decides whether it goes on offense or defense.  One SUDDEN VICTORY play is played to determine the winner.  
  • The ball can be passed forward, backwards & sideways as many times as you like.
  • Each player on each team must touch the ball every set of downs at least ONCE. 

Guest Speakers

Learn From the Best!

During ekfootballcamp, coach Eric Kasperowicz invites a special guest to come to speak to the campers about the importance of playing youth football and how much football has meant to them in their lives.  Parents are allowed and encouraged to listen as well.

Past guest speakers have included:

  • Pittsburgh Steeler, Alejandro Villanueva, All-Pro offensive tackle, 2017 
  • NFL Great LaVar Arrington​​, 2008 & 2013, 2014 - 
  • Brandon Fusco--Offensive Lineman Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers
  • Chris Hoke - 2002-2008 Guest Speaker, #76, NT, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Ross Tucker, #66, C, Buffalo Bills 
  • Luke Petitgout, #77, OL, New York Giants